Put that in your green bin and recycle it

Last night I went to the Meet & Sip Café and bar in Bournemouth town centre to attend their open mic and poetry night, which they hold every first Tuesday of the month.


Abby Gee Poetree started the night off with her poem ‘Winter moth’ and was followed by Christine. Brian then stood, he had the confidence needed to stand up for something like this and instantly intrigued the crowd.

He used his poem to combat those who may not support his writing at his old age. He used humour to tell us that a man at his age can care about the environment and can find themselves a new hobby.

“Put that in your green big and recycle it.”

And why can’t a man at his age write poetry, why shouldn’t people care about what he has to say? and even if they don’t, why should that stop him?


The venue was very welcoming and free to watch so would recommend if you are in the area. Those that performed were local to Dorset and were regular performers but they also welcomed new-comers. This event is perfect for those who are starting out in writing or performing because the crowd and staff are very friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

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