A night with Jemima Foxtrot

Jemima Foxtrot, a renowned spoken word writer and performer visits a sleepy Dorset pub on a busy Thursday evening, just after dinner time when the plates are cleared and its on to the next drink.

The Inn crowd commission her performance of “Kiss me, Help! I hate you,” in a scheme to bring spoken word into local pubs like this one and illustrate the things that keep this pub going.

This show follows three women, all at different stages in their life, all in the same pub at the same. It time features audience interaction that actually isn’t annoying, through characters that the audience can relate to.

The message of this performance was: don’t take for granted your local pub, support them as so many value them. This performance brought people together and that was the aim of The Inn Crowd

Jemima Foxtrot, often uses her spoken word to express issues she experiences in her life. For her, it’s a chance to say things she (like many others) would struggle to express to someone in conversation.

Issues including sexual harassment which would otherwise be difficult to process, is expressed poetically, to ease the pain.

Jemima finds that a lot of the time her audience can relate to her with similar issues of their own and this is how spoken word and protest music work hand-in-hand. Both the listener and the creator connect through the enjoyment of rhythm whether it be poem or song.

Click here to find out more about Jemima Foxtrot.

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